कटोरा ढालना, कटोरा as a daily necessary food utensils, that छ, the मुख छ large र small, the bowl मुख छ चौडाई र the तल of the bowl छ narrow. There हो कपाल under the foot, the height छ सामान्यly 1/2 of the diameter of the मुख, mostly गोलो, very केहि squहो. What छ constantly फेर्दै छ केवल the सामाग्री, the स्तर of technology र the अर्थ of सजावट। The सामान्य purpose छ लाई hold food, कपाल किनभने they हो larger than the pot, the pelvछ छ small र can be सेवा गरे by hर. The आकार of the upper width र the lower narrow. Most चीनियाँ prefer कपाल as a diet, जबकि Westerners prefer लाई प्रयोग गर्नुहोस् plates. The type छ characterized by open, deep पेट, flat तल or circle foot, in a variety of forms. हाम्रो company understर the method of dछinfecting tablewहो, specialize in कपाल र जिन्दगी a स्वस्थ life. कटोराs, chopsticks, dछhes, चम्मच र other tablewहो हो daily necessities of family life.
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